Jonathan White

The day of my COMPEL meeting is usually one of the best days of my month. From the outside speakers I always get significant takeaways that I can use in my business right away. The speakers are engaging, insightful, and very topical.

Our Executive Session provides me with invaluable advice from members who have come to know my issues and challenges for many years. Its better than an outside Board of Directors – I get honest feedback from colleagues who have faced the some situation. Their advice has saved me from making countless mistakes and allowed me to take advantage of special opportunities.

My one-to-one sessions “compel” me to be accountable for my goals and for my company’s progress. Our conversations are casual but focused on true improvement- and these discussions guide me throughout the month. Steve has broad experience with so many members that I can get instant perspective or contacts for a wide range of subjects.

Today’s business world is fast paced and unforgiving. My Compel membership gives me the best chance possible to survive and thrive in this challenging environment.