2021 9th Annual Business & Economic Summit

Time: 7:30am to 4pm

Date: October 28

Location: The Heritage Club @ Bethpage


  1. Thomas Deans presenting “Willing Wisdom”
  2. Denise Logan presenting “The Seller’s Journey: How Smart Sellers Navigate the Obstacles to Exiting Their Business”

2020 Summit | December 1st

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Thank you to our 2020 Summit sponsors

for making this virtual event possible!

We look forward to our continued work together.

2020 Summit Sponsors


Alan Beaulieu: A Look at the Economy Given the 2020 Election
Alan Beaulieu of ITR Economics provided a timely keynote titled “Guidance in an Uncertain Economy” where he touched on 2021 business demand, forecasting, leading indicators and potential changes given the election and the pandemic during our 8th Annual Business & Economic Summit on December 1st. Thank you to our members, facilitators and sponsors for making this event possible. Click here for a recap of his presentation. The recorded keynote is available for members only – click here to access.

2019 Summit | October 30th @ The Heritage Club