Steve Ramerini is Our Chief Visionary

Stephan Ramerini

Founder & Chief Visionary

As Founder of COMPEL CEOs, Steve has a deep passion for assisting Business Owners, CEOs and their staff of small to mid-market companies in building high performing organizations, while embracing the changes required for success in their professional and personal lives. Steve has over 35 years of experience as a Facilitator and Group Chair with a broad knowledge base in all aspects of what it takes to be a leading Executive. As a deal maker, market developer and business leader, he has a proven ability to combine strong motivational skills and decisive leadership abilities to develop and implement strategic visions. Steve is dedicated to improving operational processes, enhancing productivity and achieving financial objectives within an overall business strategy and believes that leaders must be constant learners in all aspects and stages of their lives.

In addition to providing an environment for high growth, over the last 10 years he has assisted his clients in completing liquidity transactions in excess of $500 Million. In 2019, Steve was honored by the Long Island Business News with an Executive Profile - click here to view Steve's Executive Profile.

Steve currently serves as a Board Member of several organizations, including the MMALI – Middle Market Alliance of Long Island - where he is a founding member and the Parish Council of St. Paraskevi in Greenlawn. Born and raised on Long Island, he enjoys spending time with his three talented and wonderful children and is an avid wine collector.

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Jamie Ramerini

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie proudly joined COMPEL CEOs in 2019 coming from a career in Retail Banking at Bank of America. As COO, she fits right in with her entrepreneurial spirit, bringing to the industry a refreshing take on what it means to be a CEO in today’s world.

Having received an MBA in Business Analytics in 2016 at Mercy College, Jamie solidified her position as the next generation of COMPEL CEOs. It’s been extremely rewarding for both the business and Jamie, as she works side by side with her dad and the founder, Steve Ramerini. She has proved invaluable by contributing to the organizational structure, providing process improvements and advancing business development, allowing Steve and COMPEL’s facilitators to focus on what they do best: providing Executives with the tools they need to succeed in business.

Located in Southern Connecticut, Jamie is excited at the opportunity to expand the business to Fairfield County. An avid believer in Connecticut's small business community and an award-winning entrepreneur herself (click here to see her early work with BluStrip), Jamie looks forward to expanding the business onward and upward. Jamie enjoys the reputation of being a bubbly go-getter with a high energy lifestyle. Outside of the business environment, you'll have trouble spotting her on the map as she travels the world in pursuit of everything new.


COMPEL CEOs Facilitators


Fig Annunziato


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Chuck Peck



Russ von Frank


Trusted Advisor 

"COMPEL has had a significant role in my professional development for almost my entire career. Being an active COMPEL member for nearly 15 years, I was excited to make the leap to facilitator and share my experiences with other next generation business leaders. Having the opportunity to work with the next generation who will be leading Long Island businesses into the future has been beyond rewarding. Similar to my experience as a COMPEL member, it’s been great to watch my members challenge each other, support each other and build bonds that will last a lifetime."

Fig Annunziato | Facilitator

"Even as a youngster, I was determined to do my part to "repair the world" by helping others help themselves.  As a COMPEL Facilitator, I support leaders and their teams as they tackle the everyday issues and opportunities facing the modern workplace. Their success is a direct result of our proven process - spending time on assessing, coaching and developing themselves and their organizations. And success of our members will lead to the success and economic development of our community at large. Simply put, COMPEL means working with like-minded business leaders who are dedicated to ensuring each other’s success."

Jeff Stern | Facilitator