What Launchers™ Get from the Business Bootcamp

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Over Two Months FULL of INSIGHTFUL Business Lessons!

Virtual weekly workshops with presentations on relevant topics related to starting a business from industry experts

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Accountability Sessions

Dedicated time for each launcher throughout the program to help build a business plan and focus on working ON your business not IN it

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Business plan preparation and delivery

You’ll spend time during the accountability sessions preparing a formal business plan. Already have one? Great. We will use this as a starting point because business is ever changing. When was the last time you actually looked at your business plan??

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Online course 

We built an online course to hold our Launchers accountable and inspire program participants to keep learning and striving for that next level in their business. Each weekly workshops will have an online lesson correlating to the live discussion that week. The online course provides a document depository where you can submit your completed assignments week to week and track updates as you prepare your formal business plan.

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Graduation ceremony 

After the 10th workshop, participants will get one week off to practice and tighten up their business plan presentation. The graduation ceremony is scheduled for the 12th week of the program and is the culmination of all your work throughout Launch. Our workshop presenters act as panelists for our Launchers as they listen to your formal business plan and provide real-life commentary & feedback.

Launchers will have the opportunity to present a completed business plan to REAL Executives and Business Owners for live feed back at the end of the program with potential to connect with VCs and other sources for funding.

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