Additional FAQs

How do I graduate the program?

Graduation from Launch by COMPEL is defined by, and inclusive of, the following parameters:

  1. Attendance at the pre-program workshop
  2. Attendance at all (10) Ten weekly workshops (Tuesdays from 4-6pm); starting on June 1, 2021.
  3. Attendance at all (4) four “accountability sessions” (maximum time = 30 minutes/session); to be booked no later than (1) one week in advance of said learning session. It is the responsibility of the program participant to schedule the individual accountability sessions.
  4. Attendance at Graduation Ceremony – program finale.
  5. A completed business plan; to be discussed and developed during the individual accountability sessions; said business plan will be presented to COMPEL’s workshop facilitators at the Graduation Ceremony; event date TBD.

How big is the program (how many participants are in each cohort/class)?

We cap each Cohort class at 10 participants. Yes, we love the intimacy and it encourages more growth. Think of a college lecture with 200 students….the odds of someone’s question getting answered is slim to none. This same concept is applied to our Launch program. We want each participant to get the most value out of this experience as possible, so we limit each cohort to 10 business. This allows for our industry experts to tailor their suggestions, best practices and advice to each participant in a more specific and strategic way.

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What comes after the program?

Post-graduation, Launchers will have the opportunity to experience a mastermind think tank group for themselves! Accountability is key and we will hold you to the highest level of accountability. You’ve invested so much time in your business, it’s important to use this as a jumping off point for continued growth and development. Now that you are part of the COMPEL family, you will have access to our network, speaker workshops & private events. The Launch online portal will continue to be available post-graduation as it holds weekly workshop videos, document depository and business planning tools. Post-program, additional industry experts will present on relevant trending business topics, exclusive to your cohort of the Launch program.

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