Join Our Team!

Interested in becoming a COMPEL CEOs Facilitator? Franchise options are available with on-hands learning and training.


To become a facilitator, we request

the following credentials:

Seasoned business professional with experience running a business

Ability to close candidates in an effort to convert them into members of a board group

Capability to connect with business owners on a personal basis

Possess an entrepreneurial desire


What you will experience leading up to group development...

Hands on training with live facilitated groups

Real-time experience before starting your own group

Seminars led by seasoned and experienced COMPEL Group Facilitators

Cross-platform marketing support

Facilitator Testimonials

"COMPEL has had a significant role in my professional development for almost my entire career. Being an active COMPEL member for nearly 15 years, I was excited to make the leap to facilitator and share my experiences with other next generation business leaders. Having the opportunity to work with the next generation who will be leading Long Island businesses into the future has been beyond rewarding. Similar to my experience as a COMPEL member, it’s been great to watch my members challenge each other, support each other and build bonds that will last a lifetime."  

Fig Annunziato

Fig Annunziato | Facilitator

“Being ‘of service’ has always been a core value of mine. Being a facilitator with COMPEL has afforded me the opportunity to help business owners grow and, in turn, build successful businesses that help the local economy grow. These same businesses employ more people, creating a win-win situation for business and the community.”

Russ von Frank Headshot

Russ von Frank | Facilitator

"I was introduced to entrepreneurship as a teenager watching my dad operate his textile business. His leadership inspired me to be a strategic entrepreneur. After 4 decades, our brand became a takeover target – a carefully crafted strategic move, which was a result of my membership in a peer-to-peer advisory group. I successfully negotiated my exit and am thankful for what I learned: “It is important to operate your business every day as if you were going to sell it, even if that is not the ultimate goal.” After departing the textile industry, I became familiar with Steve Ramerini, Founder of COMPEL CEOs, who exemplified the culture and values that are vital to the art of peer advisory. I now consider myself blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization where it is all about giving back. As a Facilitator for COMPEL, I look forward to sharing my insights and expertise with likeminded CEOs and helping them feel less lonely at the top."

Irwin Gasner

Irwin Gasner | Facilitator